Monday, April 30, 2012

feeling op

Angry about
detesting my spirit

things are not what you think

liars philosophy
it's the status quo
frenzy in denial

speaking of which
depending on retreating
victors in nothing

smiling from inside
but defeated on the outside

defeated on the inside
but smiling on the outside

By Deborah Godinez 2011 ©

Point of view

hold me into a
bad nightmare of
deliberate outcrys
leave me failed
sink into time
remain upon your real natural

Men try to own me
gatekeep -- keep the gate closed from opening

Organized threat defeated world
stay in your place
I am ready to leave mine

By Deborah Godinez 2011 ©
Diabetes bad
people eating takis
not looking out for each morsel

By Deborah Godinez 2011 ©
controversial leaf
embedded time history
growing illnesses

By Deborah Godinez 2011 ©
Uprise for nature
smells like pickles sweat terror
feelings menses weirdo

By Deborah Godinez 2011 ©

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Petrified patronized position

Petrified patronized position

I feel paralyzed at times
Then liberated in my suffering
as long as it is mine

stark hoax

really smiled
the lies and truths
half lies
imagined lies
while lying together

Lying in yonder limitless

Harsh realizations
the impact of surrealism

magic chiseling and gnawing
my true feelings for my true love

dance worthy prince
dance your intensity
within me

Our love is

Everything else
a meaningless crop

By Deborah Godinez 2011 ©

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hi Clues

Within the Fountain
Red Khakis subverse times end
Reduce my minds weight

I cannot seek you
The iron is deficient
thunder shakes lives up

Made easy spring time
dormant stacks caught mad within
find my light dream sea

Deborah Godinez Chicana practitioner
By Deborah Godinez 2011 ©